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Friday, June 09, 2006

If it were always Friday....

There always seems to be a collective sigh at the end of the week when it's Friday. At least I always felt it. No matter what you do Thursday night - working out hard, partying, whatever it is, no matter how tired you are on Friday it's always ok. All you have to do is make it through and you're golden!

I am looking ahead to the weekend and thinking of the ability to finally sleep in, which, I never do. Probably the idea of "being able to" sleep in is more restful than the "I have GOT to get up" mode of the week. Thoughts of the weekend:

*Making a whole pot of coffee instead of just 4 cups worth
*Having time to eat that bowl of cereal with berries or make a pouched egg
*Attempting to cut the grass
*Caulking the shower which I've been meaning to do the last month or so
*An unrushed run or time at the gym
*Maybe if really motivated - pruning around the house
*Spending some quality time with the gf before she leaves

The weekends are never long enough!


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