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Monday, June 12, 2006

New shoes and then some...

It was a very pleasant weekend! I did manage to do everything on my list and then some.

Yesterday the gf and I walked around Atlantic Station and shopped. She picked up a $110 pair of shoes and asked that I try them on. I did, I liked and she bought. Amazing! (I really like them although, I do not have them on right now as my outfit is not right for them today) We shopped around for linen pants for me to wear to the beach wedding. We finally found some in Banana which I got.

We capped the day off at Grape which turned out to be surprisingly nice! I plan to write a good review about it.

This week holds:

*Work - and a presentation tomorrow at that - yiiiiiiii
*The GF leaving for Africa - a big :-( but everyone says to be a big girl and get over it :-)

I'm off this weekend as I was able to swap classes with another instructor for next weekend as the gf needs me to dogsit for her. Which, I really do not mind swapping weekends because the guy that was slated to work (assist) me this weekend is really terrible. He weighs about 300 lbs. is a diabetic and has already had a heart attack doing this. I mean, really - this job is VERY physically demanding (motorcycle instruction) even for me and I work out almost everyday. I cannot imagine how he does it. Plus, from speaking with other instructors he has worked with he still doesn't know what to do!

Hence, I was able to swap the class but when the guy that swapped with me realizes who is going to be working with him he is going to cuss me BIG. I'm almost wanting to laugh at the irony of it because the guy who swapped with me isn't really that good, either. Hey! I know what you're thinking "You have a big head" - I don't! I can just recognize good instructors vs poor instructors as well as lazy and out of shape ones.

Anyway - because of all this I will be missing Pride weekend. I know I am going to get flak for this from some of my friends but, hey, a girl has to do what a girl has to do! Dogsit for my gf who would do the same for me! And, swap a really bad class for a really good one - despite it being a weekend for debachery! Maybe it will keep me out of trouble. I need to stay out of trouble! I have a $110 pair of shoes that says so!


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