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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

...and I can walk today!

Last night I went to body pump at the gym. I have been trying get to this class and an ab class at least once a week in hopes of seeing some improvement in the physique. I have seen improvements in the gut but not weight-wise. Grrrrr - I know - stay off the scales....
So, at the body pump class I increased my weight a little on the legs and arms and it really kicked my butt! I was SURE I wouldn't be able to walk today - as this has happened in the past - three days of leg soreness. But, alas no soreness (miraculously after all those lunges - ugh)!

I was fine earlier today but at lunch I started to feel a little depressed. I was out shopping for a new belt to match the shoes. (Fortunately, I managed to get away with it until lunch today holing up in my office - but, no one here really notices or cares for that matter. This place is chocked full of uninteresting engineer-men who bore me to tears just looking at them.)

Normally, shopping - what I do best - wouldn't depress me but I then started thinking about gf going away to Africa tomorrow for two weeks and my mood plummeted. Not that I am so pathetic that I need her around all the time - quite the opposite, in fact. But, I am going through this phase right now where all my friends are being fickle and I refuse to put up with it. Like I said in the earlier post that since I have to work pride weekend one of my good friends blew me shit about it. I reminded her that gf would be gone all two weeks, I had this weekend off and my schedule was clear as a bell!
(are bells really that clear?) But, the only night my friend came up with is the night I am taking gf to the airport and won't know how long I will be - or even if I feel like going out after that, in fact. And, if so then I am sure I will get blown more shit for showing up at 9 - 9:30. So, I am over it - I feel like I accomodate EVERYONE all the time and I am just not doing it anymore. I'm sick of always being the one to call up to try to make plans, go to their house or part of town or their fav restaurant/hangout. I am tired of it and am just not going to do it for awhile. So, since I can walk, me and my shoes are just going to walk away from this situation!

PS: This is my horoscope for today: There will be many options on the table for you -- social as well as professional, so the problem isn't going to be a lack of things to do. Rather, it will be a lack of appealing things to do. Nothing will really strike your fancy or ignite your passions -- a cloud of apathy is hovering now. So instead of settling for something when your heart isn't in it, skip it. Don't do what you don't want to do. Soon this cloud will lift and you'll find an affinity for something new.


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