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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Full Tilt to Nothing.....

It never fails to happen. One minute I am running full tilt boogie and the next I am sitting in a doctor's office being told to get more rest, less stress and here's my perscription.

I guess I shouldn't be surprised what with the New Year's resolutions, the work stress, breaking up, etc. Something has to give eventually.

An addition to my new list is to have less stress in my life. So, something in the meantime has to give. (And, no - it's not the cigarettes - I'm still quit - 17 days and going strong.)

What has to give is my social calendar for now. I cancelled the hockey game on Thursday (MUCH to my chagrin!) the dancing and yes, the women - I put myself on dating restriction.

(I know, I know - the ladies of the world will just have to wait until I am feeling better ;-)

And, Bootcamp - which, is the worst part - has to be moved back to February because my (female) doc says "No Bootcamp until you're better!"

Gosh, it really is a tragedy - giving up hockey, women and bootcamp (for now). What the hell am I going to do?! Hmm, speaking of female doctors...I guess I'll catch up on Grey's Anatomy and fantasize about this woman!


Blogger jromer said...

i hope you feel better soon and congrats on quitting the cigarettes.

1:35 PM

Blogger Zoe said...

Cancelling a hockey game! Atlanta vs Montrial, that's going to be an excellent game. What is your world coming to?

2:18 PM

Blogger afuntanilla said...

sorry to hear about boot camp. i know u must be bummed. and you know what, there ARE worse things than fantasizing about the lady doc. i'm with ya there.

3:29 PM

Blogger Kerry said...

Take care of yourself dammit. The women of the world don't want a useless thing. :P

3:40 PM

Blogger Kelly said...

Keep up the good work with quitting the cigarettes and get better soon.

Kate Walsh definitely fits the prescription. She's stunning.

7:06 PM

Blogger Rainwolf said...

Sleep,'s good for recharging the batteries.

12:53 AM

Blogger High Maintenance Femme said...

hope you feel better soon. Now women, that's one thing I could never put on hold, rather you than me haha. xx

12:06 PM


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