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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Is there room service with that hut?

I take gf to the airport tonight to fly to Africa. Even though she has provided me with many links to websites detailing her itinerary and showing the hotels (are they called that there?) they’ll be staying I am still not convinced. From her “See how nice the hotel is?” Me saying “Yes, that’s great, baby”
me picturing:

“We’ll be going on a safari in a [state park] and there will be several people on the tour” Me saying “That’s great, baby” and thinking of this snippet I read on a website of Africa: “With the exception of some few parts of Northern [country in Africa] still plagued by the Lord’s Resistance Army rebellion, the country is generally peaceful and enjoys full security.” That statement does not give me comfort – especially, where my gf is concerned. It’s sort of like saying “Yeah, once in awhile scary army shows up and blows some people up but that’s hasn’t happened for a whole week!”

Then, her saying “[major city in Africa that she is going] is very civilized – haven’t you researched it on the web?” Me saying “Yes, I did – it sounds great, baby!” and me picturing:

I really do hope she has a great trip, comes back safely without getting robbed. I really do hope my westerner ignorance pans out this time and I’m just being overly cautious. I mean, really, seeing the movie “The Constant Gardener“ sure didn’t help my outlook on this country. Aids, poverty, war and large animals that can bite you do not appeal to me.

Anyway, my ranting is over on this and I really am hoping for the best for her. I cannot prepare her any more than I have already done – she just has to go and do it!

I think I’ll give her my knife to take…….


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