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Sunday, March 25, 2007

My relationship and domestic beer

I compared what my relationship was like with ex to beers. See, I always expected Corona's with limes and always got Miller Lite. Easy as that!

Dog sitting is over with- I'm in the land of corn and mountains - Pennsylvania. Now is ex's turn to scan my house. She won't like what she finds - if she looks close enough. Just know that I am evil ;-)


Blogger jromer said...

that stood out to me as well that she offered you access to the beer and it wasn't the kind you drink.

5:34 PM

Blogger Deadly Female said...

Ohhhh do tell...

7:21 PM

Blogger Maggie said...

Not only that, the Miller Lite is usually skanky. Dammit anyway!

(Good for you!) :)

7:57 PM

Blogger Trinity2 said...

Oh, it's not my beer, Anna - that's just it - she never made a special trip.
Deadly - Well, I wrote the same note at my house "Help yourself to the beer" and there's Guinness in the fridge - do you think someone who drinks Miller Lite would drink that? haha!
And, there is a sexy card on the fridge that's between her and the beer that she doesn't like. >:-)
Did I say that I was evil?

9:09 PM

Blogger Maggie said...

Note to self - Guiness/housesit for Trin.

9:55 PM

Blogger Trinity2 said...

And, i just realized I have been texting her for two days now instead of the friend I thought I was texting - lol - thank goddess I didnt' say anything about the beer! I think my mercury is still in retrograde if you ask me. I'm off to college town bar that their only gay/lesbian night is sunday night. I will try not to trip over the Burkenstocks - LOL!

10:15 PM

Blogger onejewishdyke said...

Hey! What's wrong with Birkenstocks? ;)

10:42 PM

Blogger Sharon said...

T3, no riding crop hung by the bed? No pictures of your new physique lying inconspicuously on the kitchen counter with the 'sorry the house is such a mess' right next to them?

And why are you in the land of corn? Did I miss a post?

7:23 AM


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