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Friday, June 16, 2006

Special Friday Addition

My life seems to be centering around shoes lately. Gf buys me new shoes, I change shoes before locking myself out of the car last night and today while buying shoes I discover the worst word of the human language - especially, when spoken during the purchase of shoes.

As I said in previous posts I had been trying to make at least one body pump and ab class per week at the gym. Last weekend while I was doing cardio the spin class let out. People were staggering out of the room the class was held. Everyone looked as if they had been sitting in a sauna for two hours and were gulping down water and toweling off. I had heard from my gf's ex that this particular class/instructor was tough. Just then he walked out and I could see why. The guys' legs resembled Lance Armstrong's. Now I know why all the gay guys at the gym fill this class up. So now, I'm up for the challenge. And, it gives me a good excuse to buy more shoes. (One can never have enough shoes - Carrie Bradshaw - I'm with ya, sister!)

So, today at lunch I ran out to find some "spin" shoes. The second place I went to I found some that were reasonably priced and grabbed them and some cleats and headed for the cash register. The (very nice guy, I might add) rang me up, I presented my card, he swiped and said "Oh, it's declined." I'm like "What?! This never happens!" (I'm sure everyone says this when this happens whether it has or not) But, really - it never happens to me - except for today buying shoes. So, I pull out the big guns - the master card (they don't call it master for nothing!) and complete my purchase.

In the car I called the bank and got them relatively easy (one of the reasons I stay with this bank) .They informed me that my card had been compromised and they had to shut it down. That there is a new one on the way in the mail and that I should receive it next week. They said they even sent me a letter in May informing me of this and giving the date they would shut it down. Oops! I guess I should read my mail. (Mail is so boring to me. Unless there's a little plastic card inside, it's a bill or a handwritten letter it all gets ripped in half and thrown in the trash. A friend of mine recently sent me a wedding invitation that narrowly missed this fate. )

The weekend is practically here and my debit card doesn't work because it's been compromised and shut down. (sounds like a bad mission impossible scene) I looked at my card and was amazed at how much these things get used on a day to day basis. (mine even had a hole in it - amazing it still worked!) I don't think I've carried around cash in over a week! So, now I have to go to the bank and even worse - inside the bank and stand in line!
I hate standing in line.

Once out of the bank and back at work I was no less for wear but hope for a nice, calm weekend without anymore shoe drama.


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