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Thursday, December 07, 2006

Cold Feet and a Full Moon

(What an appropriate post since Hotlanta is supposed to down into the teens both tonight and tomorrow.)

I am supposed to have dinner with a friend tonight who I met through ex gf. I think a large part of this dinner invitation has to do with going over what she needs to do as far as her cat sitting duties go while I am away on my trip and to offer the good will of friendship despite the recent break-up. Which, I think is fine. I already have a “canned” response if asked about the breakup as she is friends with ex.

But, I tell you my stomach couldn’t help but clinch up when reading her latest message on my blackberry to meet at her house for dinner instead of neighborhood pub. My palms started sweating and breathing became labored thinking could there possibly be something more behind this dinner invitation. Then, I thought of her upcoming adoption (yes, of a baby girl) and almost went into hysterics. I had to call S1 and have her talk me down from the ledge. S1 is an athletic trainer and also happens to train this friend and said that she actually got an invite, too. Whew! She said not to worry – she’s sure it’s on the up and up.

Not to mention we've had a full moon this week and every possible friend and woman I am associated with (except for Afunt and S1) has decided to be high maintenance and emotionally insecure.

Maybe that's why even normal, innocent dinner invitations have me running for the door and the thought of taking care of another high maintenance gf reduces my breathing to a gasp.

I am just not ready for this, peeps! Give me some woman that just wants to hang out on the weekends occasionally with brunch and a movie and I am golden! Please don't email me constantly throughout the day (especially, when I have a big deadline due) or bombard me with phone calls - I get enough of that from my clients. And, yes - the actual meaning of "client" is this. Last I checked high maintenance friends and gf's don't sign my paychecks and I have enough on my plate from clients and students who DO.

Is there anyone like this out here or is it just my fantasy imagination working overtime? (-which happens to be my middle name)

High maintenance femes need not apply. Sometimes just the thought of a confident butch throwing me down and then taking her jacket and leaving is very attractive. ;-)


Blogger Sharon said...

It's colder than a witch's tit here too.

Stay warm on your way to and fro tonight.

I'm going to miss you while you're gone to gay Paree.

8:05 PM

Blogger Maggie said...

It's not just too. I've become a self-centered person (out of character, for the most part) that only wants someone to be at my beck and call for sex. Then go away so that I can do what I want.

I really hope it's the full moon.

8:17 PM

Blogger r.d. said...

Oh, they're out here- hope for your sake you find one soon...

10:46 PM

Blogger Kelly said...

I hope the dinner was just a dinner, T2. With what you've been going through, you don't need the extra drama.

A low maintenance relationship would be nice. Oh, and finding someone who doesn't expect you to be a mind-reader. (Does that happen to anyone else or is it just me?!)

Have a great Friday.

8:53 AM

Blogger The Mad Hatter said...

Yeah, what RD said, I wish I could say soooooooo much more, but as my gf might pop over here and have a read .... I'm shutting my mouth and just sending you my happy vibe. Hope all goes well!

9:43 AM

Blogger jromer said...

they're out there. i'm curious as to why you were 'on the ledge' about this dinner. if she wanted something more, would that be dangerous in itself or dangerous because maybe you are attracted to her? the amateur anthropologist in me couldn't help but ask.
in any case, i hope the dinner goes well and i hope that everything you want to happen happens for you in your life.

1:22 PM

Blogger Trinity2 said...

I went well, all! I will miss you girls, too, Sharon - if you can beieve it I can actually post from my blackberry.
Jromer - it would be dangerous because I'm not in a place emotionally right now but would never want to hurt her feelings. Does that make sense?

3:51 PM

Blogger jromer said...


5:46 AM

Blogger Dharma said...

Trinity, you can't hurt her feelings if you are upfront about your limitations, assuming she puts out any desires that don't match yours.

I just have to say that not all femmes are high maintenance. Okay maybe I am a little but I also *provide* butch maintenance.

The person will show when you are ready, actually maybe especially when you're not ;-)

3:49 PM


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