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Wednesday, January 24, 2007


.....of yesterday, today and this week:

That my cats run very fast when I pick up my sticks to play the drums.

-and, I find that amusing in a sick way.

That I do not want to get out of bed when the temperature is under 40 degrees (esp. since I have an electric blanket)

That I want to get in bed when the temp in under 40 degrees.

That I must be over my breakup
because after reading the last few emails from ex they actually made me laugh and think “freak” and file them away for another time that I want to be amused.

That I’m going to freeze my balls off teaching this weekend.

That I don’t have balls – oops! -they must have frozen off already!

That I want to be
somewhere warm right now.

That I am ready for spring to be sprung!

That I do not need
another motorcycle!

That I hate doing motorcycle maintenance in my cold carport!

That I only want to drink Guinness or Bourbon right now. (Hmm, which reminds me to pack the bourbon flask for this weekend
(Its for after class, and from the looks of them I feel like I’m going to really need a stiff drink!)

That Under Armour is a good thing.

That I am very angry with my cell phone company for charging me for international data roaming while in Paris and Switzerland. (“Fuuuuck you, Cingular!)

That I have to give up my second born to Cingular (the first born went to BMW)

That I think I am ready for the
iPhone and scrap the crackberry (Yes, I will give it to you Afunt when I am done with it)

That people look really stupid in Capri sweatpants! (wait - didn't we already talk about that?)


Blogger The Writer said...

When is memorial day weekend, Trin? We don't have that in Canada. :)

6:25 PM

Blogger jromer said...

okay first of all your balls are on the inside...silly. and second of all, oh yeah, i'm getting an iphone too. are there more important things to get? sure. but i'll let other people worry about that.
sorry it's so cold outside...

6:29 PM

Blogger r.d. said...

You're right, we did- and it was a good one! Yup,it's all I talk about- how the weather just completely sucks.
It's too fucking cold! And jmy keyboazrdc isx still. sxdcrewedc up...

10:50 PM

Blogger Kelly said...

A friend of mine went to the MacWorld conference and drooled over the iPhone. I switched from Cingular a few years and am hesitant to go back but it sure would be nice to have a phone synced up with my Mac.

12:08 AM

Blogger storm indigo said...

i am reading this at work and trying not to disturb the whole room laughing. omg..froze your balls off. yes, i realize i am over an ex when their e-mails are funny (not nice, i know), and aren't you supposed to want to stay in bed when it's cold?

I love the way my cat runs whenever I vacuum, hysterical, and again, not nice.

thanks, i needed a laugh.

1:15 AM

Blogger storm indigo said...

also, i went back and scanned your fashion error list...too funny. But, i love patchouli, its different on everyone.
those little ballet slipper shoe things annoy the crap out of me too. what's up with those? they never look good on adult women, never.

1:27 AM

Blogger Trinity2 said...

Yo "Writer" - Memorial Day weekend is starts Sat. May 26-28 - Chicago. Again, (if you're interested) email me for details - communication thru comments is becoming a drag.
jromer - silly me - you're right - they ARE on the inside!
rd - you need to move or at least go somewhere warmer, girl!
Kelly - wish I could quit Cingular and then go back as a new customer when the iPhone comes in.
storm - you crack ME up, girl. Yes, I love to vacuum, too -haha! And the next post is for you, girl!

8:56 AM

Blogger r.d. said...

You're not telling me anything I don't already know t2. We'll see what the future holds-

9:32 AM


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