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Thursday, August 10, 2006

10 Gym Pet Peeves

For those of you who are gym rats like myself I am sure there comes a time where you find that several things get on your nerves about your particular gym of choice. I have found over the years that no gym is perfect – and it’s not the gym itself that gets on your nerves, it’s the people who go to the gym.

1. I admit I am a little bit shy and when I’m in the locker room changing or getting in or out of the shower - it’s kind of like a gyno appointment – get in and get the fuck out! So, when someone gets within my personal space (about 3-4 feet) while I am either A. putting on my underwear or B. taking off my underwear it PISSES ME OFF! “Can you get off my grill, here, so I can put on my HANES- HER-WAY’S?” SHEESH!

2. People who have the WHOLE locker room to put their stuff in a locker and they have to choose the one RIGHT beside yours. (Which, always makes #1 happen!)

3. People who just lolly-gag in the locker room naked and talk about useless things. Hello - this is not a coffee shop! Get your clothes on and get out! (and, invariably 1 and 2 are happening as well)

4. People who talk on their cell phones while working out or in the locker room.

5. People just taking a casual stroll on the treadmill reading a magazine. Ok, why bother – walk home!

6. I can understand a little grunting here and there when you’re having a really intense workout. There’s nothing wrong with that. But, when it comes to someone actually screaming each time they do a rep I have to leave.

7. This always amazes me because it happens EVERY time! People showing up late for
bodypump class never having been there before. Ok, if you’re going to try out something new – show up early enough to get set up properly, ask the instructor a few questions and have your game on. You never see anyone show up late for hang gliding!

8. People who “get in line” to use the same machine or weights you do when the gym is empty and not crowded. There are a hundred other machines and weights they can use but they WANT yours.

9. Sorry – I know this one sounds very bad but either overweight trainers and/or overweight people who work for the gym. Unfortunately, it’s an image and fitness industry so gyms should keep that in mind when they hire people to represent their business and train their customers.

10. People who tie their dogs up outside the gym while they go work out or bring their BABIES into the gym. Hello – last time I checked this wasn’t a kennel or daycare. This is a GYM. Serious people need only to apply.

What are your gym pet peeves?


Blogger Mandy said...

11. People who strut around the gym, who may or may not have a towel slung around their neck, who try to make eye contact with everyone. They tend to magnetize to the big mirrors so that they can see their muscles increase in size from the 4 reps they just did. In my book, those people are AMAZING. Sometimes, I just want to tell them, "Wow, I TOTALLY want to sleep with you. NOT."

2:48 PM

Blogger Claire said...

OK, may I please start this off with saying that 1) I think the female body is beautiful and 2) I have no problem with the female body?

Great. Now that that's out of the way, the last time I went to the YWCA, this woman was blow drying her hair with her leg UP on a bench, just hanging out, chatting. Naked. I'm not shy...first one to admit...but I don't need to see your spleen, please.

It was just really traumatic.

12:17 AM

Blogger afuntanilla said...

great post! of course, you know my stance on #2, especially! HA! It NEVER fails that whether the gym is busy or not, whenever i get ready to change in or out of clothes, someone is at the locker RIGHT NEXT TO ME and no one else is around.

also, it disgusting when someone doesn't wipe off their sweat and god knows what else after they have been on a piece of equipment. most places have paper towels and some liquid to clean up after yourself. hello? remember kindergarten?

6:47 PM


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