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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Top 10 motorcycle button-pushers

(disclaimer: Trinity ALWAYS wears her helmet unless doing a sexy pose while the motorcycle is off!;-)

You know I couldn’t go too long without the top 10 things. Here's the top 10 that push my motorcycle buttons! (
Claire - you might want to review these to spare yourself future lectures ;-)

The conversation goes just fine until one of the following is said:

1. I don’t wear a helmet.
Helmets inhibit my freedom! Plus, I like to have the freedom of choice.
Ok, how is it that you would have any freedom if you wreck and are paralyzed from either the neck or waist down? Where is the freedom then?

2. I like to wear shorts when I ride because it’s so HOT outside.
How is it that burning your leg on a tail pipe or exposing your skin to wind, sun and the elements are going to keep you cool?

3. Harley Davidson’s are the BEST motorcycles!
No they aren’t. The have the highest maintenance records of any other motorcycle out there. Plus, their high price tags just aren’t worth the maintenance involved.

4. I only ride a cruiser because those “crotch rockets” are too hard to ride.
First of all, they are sport bikes NOT crotch rockets! And, all motorcycles take the same (good) technique to ride them. Differences are seat height, handlebar or clip-on reach, and horsepower. But, if you do not have the technique any bike is going to be hard to ride.

5. My mama calls them “Murder-cycles” and she hates them because her uncle, brother, son or cousin was killed on one.
Ok, I am very sorry to hear that, my condolences to the family. Just because someone that someone knows is killed on a motorcycle for whatever reason does not merit that the whole population of motorcycle riders are going to die riding one. With a little education one can lead a long life riding a motorcycle.

6. We took this really great ride in the mountains and toured all the wineries and for some reason Elna dropped/crashed/ran into something on her motorcycle that day.
Need I say more?

7. Loud pipes save lives.
No they dont. This was just a slogan from a pipe company in Texas. There is no data that supports this theory and most motorcycle accidents occur IN FRONT of the bike not behind - where the LOUD PIPE is located. Loud pipes only piss off cops and other motorists around them and give bikers a bad rap.

8. I never ride in the rain (or) I won’t ride in the rain. (I’m still trying to break gf of this one!)
If you live in Georgia and ride a motorcycle you WILL be caught in the rain and you better be ready for it!

9. Gloves inhibit my grip on the handlebars.
Actually, they don’t – they help with your grip if you have them fitted properly and protect your hands from the elements and in case of a fall.

(And last but certainly not least is one I absolutely abhor.)

10. I just HAD to lay-her down!
Ok, you NEVER have to lay-her down! (Unless, it’s sexual then I completely understand!)
You use your BRAKES properly to slow your motorcycle DOWN or STOP prior to hitting or hopefully MISSING the obstacle. Wouldn’t it be better to be in control of your motorcycle instead of jumping ship and having the bike skidding out of control on the pavement with you? Again, take a class, man!


Blogger Mandy said...

Before I bought my HD Sportser, I took a motorcycle class. It was probably the smartest thing I could've ever did. Now that I've sold it, I can't help admiring the strength and ability it takes when I see riders taking a beating in the rain or the wind... Plus, motorcycles are sexy.

Keep the rubber side down, Trin!!

11:20 AM

Blogger Claire said...

Before I even THINK about getting my Monster...

And it rains on average 166 days of the year in Rainy City - that's every second day. So if I don't learn to love riding in the rain, I'm hooped. :)

2:32 PM

Blogger Trinity2 said...

Mandy - I commend you for taking a class prior to getting your motorcycle! (And, because of that I will overlook the HD ;-)

5:41 PM

Blogger Maggie said...

I desperately want a motorcycle, but have to pay for the kids' colleges first. So, now I just hog rides with friends. (I'm very friendly...)

I did an autopsy on a rider that was not wearing his helmet. Not a pretty sight. I more than recommend them.

6:23 PM

Blogger r.d. said...

It's just the noise I can't stand. They're loud.

8:11 PM


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