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Friday, July 28, 2006

Stay Safe

It was Wednesday and I was at work sitting in front of my computer trying to figure out this Auto Cad drawing when my blackberry vibrates. It’s afuntanilla telling me to call her at work. “Uh-Oh – something must be going on with my stocks”, I thought as I dialed her number. When she answered she said “Have you seen the paper?” I never read the local rag so, no, I hadn’t. I immediately went to the AJC online and saw that a woman went missing on the Silver Comet Trail and was eventually found Wednesday morning. ‘nilla sounded shook up over the phone. I know that she goes to this trail frequently and I have even ran it once or twice with her. We talked about how tragic this is and about being afraid to go on the trail now that this has happened.

It brings tears to my eyes to write about this and think about what this woman’s family must be going through right now. It also brings rage that this happened. I think the person who did this should be hung up by a hook and have his balls cut off and fed to him. It makes me very angry with men in general. You don’t see women doing crimes like this!

I called my cop friend that I dated briefly. I wanted to know if she had heard anything about it and what her take on it was. Although, she is a cop and is required to carry a gun she says that she always takes it with her on the trail. I know that ‘nilla mentioned getting a gun to take with her on the trail. (I am still trying to picture her pulling up her nike shorts every 3 seconds because of a gun weighing it down ;-) We talked about how because it is a paved trail and so well maintained and lit that people get a false sense of safety on it. I can agree with that.

Is resorting to firearms the answer?

Even though I grew up with guns on the farm, knew where EVERY ONE of my Dad’s guns were, where the bullets were kept and how to shoot them, I have never had a desire since to actually own a gun. I always felt guns brought on drama. If you have it you will eventually shoot someone or something. I studied martial arts for 6 years. Because of things being instilled into me those 6 years I know some of the signs to look for. However, we could all use a little brush up on self-defense and tips to stay safe. So, here they are:

*Stomp on an attackers foot with your heel. Use all of your weight and stomp with as great a force as possible.

*Kick an attacker in the shins with your whole foot. Push hard with as great a force as possible being careful to maintain your balance so that you do not fall over.

*Gouge at an attackers eyes with your thumbs or fingers. Push hard. Use great force. If you are strong or if your attacker is the same size or smaller than you use this same technique on the hollow of the neck (just below the Adam's Apple area in men).

*If an attacker has you from behind use the foot stomping technique described above AND bang the back of your head into their face/nose as hard as possible. Lean your head forward as you stomp and then with as much speed as possible smack their face with the back of your head.

*If you're attacker has their hands around your neck do not try to pull them away at the hands (as your instincts would lead you to do) instead put your arms in between their arms and with as much strength as you can muster hit out their elbows, at the same time turn your body and head in your strongest direction (left if you are left handed, right if you are right handed). Stomping on their foot or kicking at the shin while doing this can add impact and help you get away faster. As soon as the grip is loosened be ready to take a deep breath - if you don't get away the first time try again, the extra breath will give you more fighting energy.

*If you carry a personal alarm, pull it as soon as the attack begins and put it right up against the ear of your attacker. If you don't have an alarm, scream as loud as you can directly into your attackers ear. (This is a strategy you should only use if the attacker has you pinned on the ground or against a wall and if their head is close to you).

*If they are covering your mouth with their hand lick the palm of their hand (most people recoil from this instinctively) if that fails, bite - bite hard.

*It takes more energy for an attacker to recover from a miss than it does to recover from a hit. If at all possible duck and dodge any advances by your attacker.

*If you are on the ground and are able to break free push at your attacker with your feet to put distance between you. Kick at their hands, head and face as you push away from them. When they are distracted stand up and run.

*Never plan to fight an attacker and win; do only what it takes to get away from them.

For more tips go to this site.

Have a great weekend, everyone! Be safe!


Blogger Kelly said...

Great tips, T2. Thanks for the refresher.

I sure hope they catch this guy. It's totally understandable why this would freak everybody out.

2:16 PM

Blogger Claire said...

Thanks Trin - very important topic and nice refresher.

Re: guns...tough topic. They say we have way more guns up here in Canada, and we just came in as the tenth happinest place in the world (no seriously. The States came in 23rd I think.) And I think we have less gun violence, too.

But I would guess (perhaps incorrectly) that that's because a comparably large percentage of our population hunts (especially our First Nations cultures up North.) The difference is that they buy guns to hunt animals, not because they feel they need them for protection. I could be totally wrong.

I just don't think arming everyone is the answer...I mean if you extrapolate it out and everyone has does that prevent violence? Doesn't it increase the severity of the violence if people who previously used guns to intimidate and overpower now have to kill the person or be killed, because their victim has a gun too?

I dunno. Scary thought.

4:51 PM

Blogger Maggie said...

I know that it's upsetting to some and so I don't advertise, but I carry a gun. But, I don't carry irresponsibly. I've gone to self-defense classes and I go to gun training. In no way do I advocate ignorant gun-owning!
I do carry if I'm going on the trails up out of town. More so for wildlife than wildmen. But, I also understand that if I've pulled my weapon, I'm not afraid to use it.

10:13 PM

Blogger r.d. said...

Thanks but I'm sorry this had to happen in order for you to write about it and for us to read it. It's not easy stuff to think about.
Unfortunately stuff like this doesn't surprise me just adds to my anger towards things that don't make sense in this world. I can't stand it-

11:05 PM

Blogger Elizabeth McClung said...

Thank you for bringing this topic up - often rapes are not covered by the press - not only were there several daytime rapes on joggers in my previous city (Cardiff), but a series of abduction/rapes by cars made up to look like cabs. Was there any warning given to local women? no. I found out about it in a conversation with a cab driver.

I have to say I like all the tips except gouging the eyeballs - I hope I never have to find out if I would go to that length - now kneeing a guy in the balls - no problem, hitting thier solar plexas - done that, chopping thier throat to close off the airway - but gouging the eyes.....ew!

I hope the person is caught and jogging is safe again - we ended up jogging in groups for safety.

12:43 AM


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