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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Happy Birthday To Me

I don’t feel any different……

Yesterday, I turned 29! (for the tenth time) It wasn’t much of a special day. I had worked all weekend teaching and dragged myself out of bed that morning. I tried to wake up with a cold shower and a cup of coffee (the only reason to get out of bed as far as I’m concerned). I made several trips back into the house from forgetting things that I needed to take with me to work. I finally got down the road only to forget the most important thing which was all my motorcycle paperwork I wanted to complete and mail off at lunch that day. So, I turned the car around and went home again. I was tempted to just crawl back in bed and call in sick. On the road, once again, I realized that I forgot to put on a belt. This struck me as hilarious – I am sure it was from lack of sleep. Then, I got to the office and read
Claire's post and, again, I am sitting in my office yuck-yucking away. (I really liked the "pirate dialect")

Despite my exhaustion I managed to get all my paperwork done, pay my bills, go to the post office, get an emission test for my car (because in Georgia you have until your birthday to renew your tag registration which entails an emission test (for all vehicles you own which is killing me because I have two) and I have left it to the VERY last day. All that and I managed to complete my landscape project on time! It felt a little bit like
this day. Thank Goddess crazy woman hadn’t called.

By the time I got home and showered and changed clothes it was almost time for gf to take me out to dinner. We went out to one of my favorite restaurants although after the evening I am not sure it is a favorite anymore. I think the air conditioning was busted and gf and I felt like wilted flowers. It was almost too hot to eat and, I was too tired to really get my drink on. (Which, was the worst part!) In spite of the heat and wanting to fall asleep in my
Wahoo, Gf was good to me.
She had bought me the
shoes, cologne, flowers, and dinner. I went home at 9 and crawled into bed and was asleep immediately. I woke up this morning more rejuvenated and started thinking about some of the funny birthday presents I have received in the past and decided to make up a list of things NOT to get your gf for her birthday. So, here it is:

1. Butt-flossy underwear (g-strings, thongs) unless you know for a fact that she likes this kind.
2. Over the top sex toys unless she has shown you what she wants. (explaining it is not good enough – “this big” could mean “THIS BIG” and vice versa.)
3. Workout equipment – unless it’s replacing some old equipment you are completely sure she uses and not just hangs her clothes on or she has mentioned that she wants it – either way, she’s going to hang her clothes on it.
4. A vacuum cleaner.
5. Origami
6. A gift certificate to your favorite restaurant.
7. A $6 bottle of wine. You’re just setting her up for a really bad hangover the next day.
8. Tickets to a show that her ex is playing in the band.
Tickets to any outdoor event. Unless you know for a fact that she likes this sort of thing.
10. An airplane ticket for you to go with her to meet the folks.

Ten things that are a good idea to get her even if you do not have a lot of money(except for maybe #10):

1. Handmade coupons for fixing dinner, washing her car (I give my gf tons of these), helping her wash the dog, planting a flowerbed, etc. A good hint is to put a “renew by” date on them so she will use them and not just throw them in a drawer.
2. Ebay money.
3. Something that has to do with a hobby that they do/like whether it’s gear, shoes, clothing, or a membership.
4. Good chocolate (instead of the cake)
5. A handmade or leather journal.
6. Jewelry that you know she likes/wants (including watches)
7. Good wine
8. Flowers and dinner at her favorite place.
9. Something she has said she needs (unless it’s #3 or 4 from above)
10. An overnight trip.(To a place she wants to go -not your mamma's!)


Blogger afuntanilla said...

sorry to hear wahoo was too hot! HAPPY BIRTHDAY (again)

I love the coupon thing!!

4:51 PM

Blogger Maggie said...

Happy Birthday! Sorry I missed it!!

6:23 PM

Blogger Kelly said...

Happy Birthday to a fellow Leo. :)

As always, your lists are great.

11:03 PM

Blogger Trinity2 said...


8:13 AM

Blogger r.d. said...

Happy belated t2! cheers-
As always I need to add to your list: #11 A full body massage. It's cheap, no shoes required and it's a good 'last present'when she least expects it.

8:32 AM

Blogger Mandy said...

Happy Happy Birthday!! (Belated...)

10:14 AM


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