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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Summer, the beach and the approaching doom

I just read r.d.’s post and had a realization – the second realization of the morning – I guess I need more coffee.

The first realization hit me like a ton of bricks -this time next week I will be packing my bags and the car to go to the beach! I cannot believe it is finally here! I have been talking about this for months now! I guess going to the lake last weekend eased my pain of getting out of town. I know it will be here in the blink of an eye and over in the same amount of time.

The second realization is that this is my last ditch effort at summer- after this it will be jackets, shoes, long sleeves and jeans here on out! Also, this is the first and last vacation gf and I will have together this year as she will be traveling non-stop and I will be spending the holidays overseas with my sister.

Where did the summer go anyway?

When I think of it being over I say, “WAIT! I still need to do this, that and the other!” But, the only thing I can honestly say that I didn’t do this summer (that I relate to summer) is go to gay pride. I haven’t been in the last 3 years because I always seem to teach a class that weekend. The years past I have gone I have been sadly disappointed that it turned out to be a huge drunk-fest with a bunch of scary people that I wouldn’t want to be around sober, let alone drunk! And, lets not forget all the uncomfortable ex sightings (we won't go there!) So, really – what have I missed? My sister visited twice, I’ve ran around in the convertible, went to the lake, went swimming, and it will be capped off with going to the beach. Putting it all into perspective, it really doesn’t sound that bad.

Looking ahead to fall – and what to look forward to:

* Cooler weather that I can wear my favorite jean jacket or track jacket and

* Have the top down on the convertible without feeling like I am a piece of fried chicken

*Football (College! GO Fighting Irish!)

*Leaves – although, they change and drop late here – which is good!

*Doing motorcycle crew for
this event

*Me and GF’s 2 -year (Gaaaah) anniversary and going
here to celebrate

*All the little kids (brats) being back at school

*OH! And who can forget this –

(Thanks for reminding me r.d.! :-)

So, is summer almost being over really THAT bad?


Blogger Elizabeth McClung said...

Lots of cool things to look forward to - I have to admit that I am waiting for cooler weather becuase how can I be proud of my amazing outfit coordinating ability when I wear a tank top and shorts every day?

Fighting Irish - that's notre Dame right? See, I finally get a bit of lingo to understand "Football" and make some comments regarding Arsenal and the world cup and I move to a place where it means something else entirely - I am assuming when you refer to football, that doesn't include the CFL? What am I asking, no one includes the CFL.

6:16 PM

Blogger r.d. said...

ok, three things: first it's pretty funny but I was just talking to someone about Savannah today. her kid goes to art school out there and I was wondering if it was a cool place to live. (warmer than here)

Two, Switzerland? nice...

Three, (actually I have four)where the hell is this wedding you're going to

and finally... funny t2, very funny- you can have your octoberfest and drink it at your little college football games with leaves stuck to your feet. Have fun and yes, it is that bad, but I will embrace the fall when it comes because I'm good like that...

11:21 PM

Blogger Trinity2 said...

Good for you, Elizabeth on knowing who the Fighting Irish are! I don't watch any CFL but it sure comes in handy knowing about it for those odd trivia games at the bar (and drinking Octoberfest!)

r.d. - the wedding is at practically the ends of the earth (at least it seems like it getting there! - 7 hours away and always very HOT!) It's this place:

Savannah is charming - a good place to visit.You should definately visit sometime.

I tell ya - it's hard being a Notre Dame fan when you live in GA and all you hear about are the Bulldogs! Or Tech! GIVE ME BIG 10! (Does anyone else feel this way?)

7:52 AM

Blogger Claire said...

lookie lookie who back!

I sure missed you, Trin...

1:57 PM

Blogger Trinity2 said...

Well hello, stranger! Great to have you back!

2:16 PM


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