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Monday, August 14, 2006

Monday (wishing it were) Friday!

I am exhausted today from working all weekend. Like the previous Drowned Rat post, Saturday’s class was just like that. The motorcycles and class nearly got swept away in the deluge. I felt like we were in a clip out of Hard Rain! Although, I must send out kudos to the place I worked for throwing my wet jeans in the dryer and giving me a new helmet because mine had a mechanical failure over the weekend.

I want this week to fly by because this weekend is the yearly cabin weekend up at the lake with all the girls.

We take the boat out, make breakfast and dinner together, swim, lay out and read trashy books and magazines all weekend. Although, I vow NOT to get on the inflatable hot dog with a drunk J this time!

See how these kids are happy? It's because one of them isn't drunk and causing the other to wreck the hotdog and clunk heads when they hit the wake and crash. Thank Goddess I had a life jacket on because I think I got a concussion after that. I can just see it: Emergency room tech: "How did you come by that concussion?"
Me: "I wrecked the hotdog"

The next three weekends will be fun and relaxing ending with the finale of going to the beach with gf to friends wedding! (which I will keep you well informed on how that goes)

This is the summer fun I have been waiting for since February.
While all my friends have been to the beach, lake, and mountains twice over I have been diligently working and putting in the hours at the new job. So, those of you that have had your beach, mountains, camping, or any vacation in general – read this and weep! It’s my time now! (and, you thought I wasn't paying attention ;-)


Blogger Kelly said...

Sounds like a great few weeks you have coming up, T2. Have a great time.

You aren't the only one who hasn't had a vacation yet. I'm hoping for at least a long weekend in October down the Central Coast of California near San Luis Obispo. My cousin and her partner have a huge place and I haven't seen it yet. I love having "family" in my family. :)

9:36 PM

Blogger Claire said...

I am SO annual summer girl's weekend was cancelled this year.

I'm girl's weekend-less!

This year, just get a sturdier hotdog ;)

1:13 AM

Blogger afuntanilla said...

if i was there, i'd dunk ya!

2:53 PM


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