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Monday, September 11, 2006

10 things be either mad, sad or to vent about:

1. Federer beating Roddick in the US Open- I am so sick of Federer always winning. Tennis is becoming boring watching him beat yet another opponent.

2. It is Monday.

3. My gf is in a remote part of Alaska right now flying fishing with her father and it's hard to talk on the phone and email.

4. I miss her.

5. I had a shitty ass weekend teaching and

6. am tired and sore from it.

7. It is Monday.

8. I want to cry right now and

9. I hate, hate, HATE to cry - ARGGGG!

10. I do not want to be in my f-ing office right now and my only saving grace is numbers 2, 6 & 10 below. be happy about, look forward to and generally be ok with:

1. That this brother beat this brother last night!

2. Monday is almost over.

3. Gf comes back on Saturday.

4. My shitty ass weekend is over.

5. That my new shirt and motorcycle jacket are coming in the mail.

6. That Monday is almost over.

7. College buddy is coming with new gf this weekend and it's not Lightning Love (whom she decided NOT to go back to - whew! My work is done here!)

8. That I get to go out of town for work tomorrow.

9. That I'm meeting friends on Thrusday to go dancing at this place.

10. That 4:00 is almost here so I can leave!


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