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Thursday, September 07, 2006

Project Run-gay

I must admit that I have been totally addicted to Project Runway ever since I ran across it channel surfing one night 3 weeks ago. Since then, it seems I cannot get enough of this show. Despite coming in mid-season I was immediately hooked. The other day GF and I just rolled in from our trip and after unloading the car, talking to the cats (How was your visitors? Did Afunt abuse you? ;-) I flopped down on the couch and turned on the TV only to find a MARATHON Project Runway on Bravo getting ready to start. I RAN to the fridge to take stock of my beer situation and had the phone in my hand to order pizza (diet be damned!). Like a guy getting ready for the starting kick-off to NFL season (which, sadly is tonight – no more coherent conversations with GF on Thurs, Sunday and Monday evenings) I was in for a night of entertainment.

Favorite PR peeps:

Michael – from the big ATL, too! That boy can design his ass off! He’s always this laid back guy that doesn’t get too much into the drama of it all. His stuff is usually right on the money and he’s already won two challenges.

Uli – she’s from Miami and her designs are always very sophisticated and the models always seem very comfortable yet stunning in her dresses. Hell, I’d even wear one of her dresses!

Kayne – despite this guy being a total flamer he grows on you after awhile. I am a bit worried about him being voted off the runway soon as he tends to go over the top in his designs –creating stuff more suited for a drag queen. If he can tone his stuff down a little bit then he may be ok.

Jeffery – this is the guy everyone loves to hate but I enjoy his bluntness. He’s such an asshole sometimes that I just have to laugh. In his favor, though, he is always an ass towards my least favorite PR peeps – which, I enjoy immensely! One of them being:

Vincent – finally got voted off the runway yesterday. This guy was a piece of work, believe me! For one thing, he couldn’t sew his way out of paper bag! And, as the show progressed he kept getting increasingly more and more cocky about his work. I mean, WTF? I could make a dress better than the one he did and I don’t even WEAR dresses (unless Uli makes me one!) So, thankfully, this guy is gone from the competition.

The next least favorite PR peep is:

Laura – granted, this woman can sew her ass off but if I see one more high-waist skirt/dress thing I will (seriously) puke. It’s because of Laura I don’t wear dresses! Last night she made this horrendous dress that looked like it was going to take flight with the model attached.

Tim (who, like Jeffery –bluntness cracks my shit up!) said if she gave the model a feather duster she would look like a maid! (Hmm, Tim looks like he’d be an authority on those, too!)

Plus, I also have to vent (DISCLOSURE: if you are pregnant or have been pregnant skip this next section because you might find it offensive. But, hey, if you read it anyway don't blame me that I didn't warn you!) that two weeks ago Laura announced that she was pregnant (in front of her mother that had no idea, no less. Great! Your daughter is preggers and she doesn’t even tell you before she announces it on national television!) So, last night we heard the first (and, I'm sure of many!) of “My back hurts! I have to lay down – I’m three months pregnant!” Not to mention she had on this white button-down shirt that was hiked up over her [white, iridescent] belly. YU-CK! Ok, for one thing – when she announced it she only made it sound like she just found out she was pregnant. NOW, suddenly, instead of being three weeks pregnant, she’s three months pregnant and hiking her shirt up and showing a big belly! I don’t care if you are [only] three month pregnant –don’t show your belly on national tv!

("yeah, I'm preggers so I CAN show my [big, white, iridescent] belly on national tv! )


Anyway, Jeffery won last night with the most horrendous design. I am usually in agreement with his work and think he’s really talented but this thing looked like he’d made something out of a compilation of my mother's dish rags!

Not to mention that you can practically see her crotch! I just don't get it!

My prediction is that Michael is going to win it all!

PS: For more great reading on this show go to this site.


Blogger r.d. said...

I've heard about the show but have never seen it. The things I've heard have been good though. Speaking of fashion, how was the 'look' at your wedding? Just curious... as I am. Glad you had a good time.

8:45 PM

Blogger Trinity2 said...

The show is a scream but I am sure if someone were to watch it for several seaasons it would get old after awhile. There's only so many dresses one can see.
The wedding look was good. Both brides wore white dresses which werent as gastly as I originally thought.

8:19 AM

Blogger afuntanilla said...

ok, I have no idea what that show is...

7:41 PM


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