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Sunday, August 27, 2006

Weekend, workout, diet, update

The weekend was a pretty good one! Friday night GF and I made one of the recipes out of BFL book at my house and watched some of the 1st season of Weeds.

Saturday, I was up early and in Pete's spin class at 9:00 sharp. He is a great spin instructor - he has the best music and his workouts always kick my butt. After that I did a small back workout and went home to shower, drink a protein shake and went in to work for a little while. I had to get in some OT for the upcoming wedding trip.

This morning I followed GF around the gym for one of her famous kick Trin's ass workouts (which it did) and then went home and started washing the cars. I did both of mine and GF pulled up and we did hers as well. By the time we were finished it was almost time to meet the girls at the movies. We saw Little Miss Sunshine - and, I have to tell you - it was the funniest movie I have ever seen! At one point I could not stop laughing and was crying I was laughing so hard. We were all hooping it up pretty good. I mean, it takes alot to get GF to laugh - she's a pretty serious gal - and she was even not in the best of moods today but she was crying, too, and definately cheered up! We all left the theater with red eyes and smiles on our faces. You have to see this movie if you havent already! I loved it!

Once back from the movie tonight I started to pack for the beach. Yes, I am really looking forward to it! (Did I say that already?) Although, I really hope the weather coorporates with us while we're down there. I checked and there's about 40 - 50% chance all the days we're down there. I don't mind a little rain in the afternoon to blow off the humidity but if it rains all days...well, maybe I need to take the laptop. I just hope it holds out for the wedding.


Blogger r.d. said...

Have faith. The sun will shine for the wedding and if it doesn't?... well, then it's meant to be and you'll have a good time anyway. Drinking can be done anywhere- in any weather! Good luck and I truly hope you have a wonderful time.

10:41 PM


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