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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Vacation, Beach, Wedding Highlights

Ok, so I know you’re all just dying to know how the wedding/vacation I’ve been talking about [for it seems like years] went!

Vacation - exceeded my expectations! Gf and I had a great condo near this state park and the beach. A typical day was getting up, having coffee, running on the beach for 30 – 40 minutes, taking a dip in the pool and GF having breakfast ready when I got in. Then, beach time with her and the dog all day. Next day, getting up and doing it all over again! No complaints there – not much to tell except that it was great!

The wedding - was very nice! As expected it was of a Native American flavor. In fact, the woman who performed the ceremony was of Seminole descent. There were 18 of us and we all took part in the ceremony itself – which was great! I cannot ever remember having so much fun at a ceremony. And, because we were all a part of it – it made it even more special and meaningful not only to the brides but to all of us as well. In order to preserve this unique and intimate affair I am purposely not going to go into any more detail of it.

The toast – went well! I practiced saying it to GF on the beach for two days and by then I could recite it in my sleep. I had decided to relate a story of the first time I had met one of the brides, talk about friendship and cap it off with how they were meant to be together. It was short and sweet and everyone seemed to enjoy it – especially, more than when an ex. (yes, one of the brides actually had an ex there – but, an ex from a very looooong time ago and they only went out for, like, 3 months) The ex – I’ll call her – well, to be nice – “L-ex” she got up and stumbled around in her toast, got lost half way through and forgot what she was saying, it took forever and no one really knew what the hell she was talking about. [But, if you knew this person you would not be surprised.]

The reception – very strange! (notice it’s at the very bottom of the trip highlights.) Aside from the brides, Gf and I only knew two other couples there. One couple was the L-ex and her gf (who wasn’t very friendly to us at all – I think because she’s friends with my ex) and L-ex is a very hard person to have a conversation with –especially, when there is alcohol involved (if you couldn’t gather that from above) The other couple Gf and I knew we had met previously at the reception so we didn’t know them very well. Like us, they were chasing martinis with bottled water biding their time until they could politely [bolt] leave. Yes, I guess the reception was a bit of a disappointment despite the wonderful food, cake, martinis and wine. Since the guests just knew each other casually everyone ended up paired up and talking among themselves after both the brides cut the cake and did their first dance. One of the guests was [trying to be] a dj and had brought all his equipment and was set up. Normally, this would have been great as one could keep requesting songs until he got it right but he played the most odd combination of songs I ever heard. I think the only song we [actually] danced to was an old Salt and Pepa song that took me back to my early days. [I think we all know that one] I did request at one point some disco [because who can f*ck that up, right? And, most disco you can dance to] but the only thing he came up with was The Commodores. I mean, it was great that he offered to dj him being a guest but I really hope he doesn’t quit his day job over it.

I guess what I was really wanting was a great, blow-out of a reception, all of us drunk, buddies, bonding and hungover the next day. You know those times, right? But, didn’t happen. Oh well. I guess it all can’t be perfect! If it was you’d be wondering if there was an imposter writing in Trinity2’s place and what happened to her – did she not come back? Rest assured it’s me!


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