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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Special Thanks and a Moment of Reflection

I want to thank you all for the great advice and responses and all around "rah-rah" you gave me! Thanks for the extra "umph" I needed to help me hang in there and do the right thing.

I know there are going to be days of teaching in the rain and having dead tired feet and spoiled brats in my classes (as well as other less-desirable instructors I may be slated to teach with) but I need to keep in the forefront of my mind special moments such as when I was waiting in line at the Starbucks to get coffee and one of my former students came up to me and thanked me for their class and showed me their new bike parked out on the street.

Or that quiet student that hadn't said so much as "Boo" all weekend that suddenly ran up and threw their arms around me and thanked me for teaching them to ride.
(ahh, I'm getting a little choked up just writting this - sniff)

Those are the ones that keep me going in this as well as all my flock of walkers that I kept my eye on last weekend.

Last night after I wrote that last post I went in to the kitchen and these were still laying on the counter from when I unloaded my tank bag from the walk:

They were coveted by both the walkers and the motorcycle crew. First thing in the morning we would load up on them as they provided the needed sugar and protein boost to get through the day.

As I looked at one I picked it up, ripped it open and took a big bite out of it. Savoring the mushed peanut butter and jelly running out of the sides it took me back to the walk, camp and all the comradery.

Then, once it hit my stomach I ran to the bathroom with the runs.

To surmise - you take the good with the bad -so long as the good always
outweighs the bad ;-)


Blogger afuntanilla said...

thanks for sharing. regardless and including all, the great thing is that you are allowing yourself to be really impacted by things and that is awesome.

12:54 PM


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