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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Bootcamp - Day 1

Last night was the first night of Operation Bootcamp There were 18 of us [lucky/unlucky] souls there. It started off with a bunch of jumping jacks and then stretching to warm up for our first night PT test.

Here’s how I fared:

1 mile run: 8 minutes
1-minute triceps extensions: 50 straight legged, 5 with bent knees
1-minute sit-ups: 40
1-minute push-ups: 25 straight legs, 25 on knees

I thought it all went pretty well and I had a cute girl partner up with me after we ran. Walking out to my car I thought, “Ok, not bad!”

Then, I couldn’t get out of bed this morning! (Getting out of bed is going to be hell, from now on!)

A conversation with my body ensued:

My arms were likeDUDE! What the hell did you DO to us?”

Legs:Creak, creak, creak”

My body:This is bullshit! We’re going on strike!”

Me:Pull it together, gang! SHEESH!”

1 day down/29 to go

Hopefully, my abs will look like this (again – yes, this is me) by the end:


Blogger jromer said...

and here i was all this time thinking up excuses to avoid yoga....eeek.

11:33 AM

Blogger Zoe said...

Nice! Good luck.

12:05 PM

Blogger the only daughter said...

If you don't mind, I'll take your once before, and once again..after for my own inspiration. I have a larger target and time frame..but hmm..yeah, I like your expected final results.

Much luck!

5:11 PM

Blogger afuntanilla said...

you are a studette!!

6:38 PM

Blogger r.d. said...

Impressive t2- 50 push-ups? yikes... those abs are yours baby, keep it up.

7:22 PM

Blogger Kelly said...

Cue SFX: Wolf whistle

Nice abs, T2. Congrats on surving Day 1.

8:45 PM

Blogger Rainwolf said...

You'll make it. Nice pic btw.

10:58 PM

Blogger Bent Fabric said...

I miss running. *sigh* Sounds like you're off to an awesome start. Rock on!

2:27 AM

Blogger SheA said...

Nice. Very nice. Very Very Nice. Whoosh! Work it t2

8:38 AM


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