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Monday, September 18, 2006

1 down and 39 to go

Recently, I have been thinking about quiting drinking for awhile. Lately, I had been frustrated with the results of my training and weight loss because I could never seem to give up the alcohol at night. (Granted, I always had a few drinks per night with dinner but not lush country or anything)

As all diets and workout programs say -don't drink alchohol. Primarily, because your liver will either process sugar or alcohol but not at once. And, if both are in your system - alcohol gets first dibs and the sugar turns to FAT.

I met up with Afunt one night for dinner and she told me she had quit drinking for awhile and wanted to see how long she could go. Then, I visited Claire's post and she is going to do the 40 days and 40 nights (check it out) and invited anyone to join. I thought "What the hell? At least it would give my liver a break for awhile." So, my college buddy and her new gf were in town on Sat. night and GF just flew in and we all went out to dinner and I announced that that night was the last night of alcohol for awhile. Despite it being the last night I really didn't tie one on too bad. I had two glasses of wine and two beers after dinner. Despite not feeling like I drank a lot the next morning I still woke up with a headache. Hopefully, no more of these for awhile.

The first day of my non-drinking we go to this game (primo seats, too).

And, everyone was drinking except for me and every child under 21 at the game. It was hard, I have to tell you! We had gone with a friend of GF's and his buddy and I offered to drive so everyone could drink as much as they wanted. I do admit it was nice that no one had to worry about getting home safe -that I was the driver and in charge.

It's really strange doing that for the first time. It's like looking through a window and watching everyone's behavior gradually change. When we were walking out to the car everyone except for me had had quite a bit to drink. None of my group was stumbling or anything, though. On the way to the car we saw this guy FALL out of this car while it was moving. He was so drunk he could barely get up off the pavement. Then, when we got to my car all these [scary] straight guys were partying at the vehicle next to mine and being really crazy. I just got everyone into the car as quickly as possible and got out of there. Whew! Yeah, for the first time I was around all these drunk people and I was the only one sober. Which, was a sobering experience.

I was glad that I did this for GF and her friends. They thanked me all day for being the designated driver and I was happy to do it. I think for the first time I actually had fun not drinking and felt that I didn't need it.

I say this now but we shall see. It's only been 1 day.


Blogger r.d. said...

One day at a time t2, one day at a time...

8:58 AM

Blogger Kelly said...

Good for you, T2. When my father stopped drinking, he found it fascinating to watch people who were drinking. He was like Margaret Mead on an anthropological expedition! :)

Keep up the good work!

10:04 AM

Blogger afuntanilla said...

Good for you! I think you started it on a tough day, with the game and all. I am proud of you and I am not saying that in any sort of condesending way! Who knows how long I will last. I think i will want something on my birthday...and on we go...

12:13 PM

Blogger Claire said...

Wow, my hat off to you, Trin. What a tough day to pick! But I'm totally thrilled to hear you had a good time. Because I'm going to have some temptations ahead, I think...although you're right, everyone I know that has made the decision to not drink, drink very little, or drink very rarely has said the same thing - watching other people drink when you're sober is a sobering reminder of how dumb booze makes people, sometimes. I know I'd give anything to take back some of the truly idiotic converations I've initiated with strangers over the years after a few too many glasses of wine. ~lol~

And another bonus - bet you didn't crave a cigarette, either, didja? :)

2:55 PM


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