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Friday, September 15, 2006

Paths taken, not taken, and weird developments

"Be on the lookout for someone with an extreme lifestyle. They enter the scene either today or tomorrow ... and they represent a cautionary tale you need to learn. You have always been strong in the face of temptation, and so you have nothing to fear from the invitations that will be coming your way. You can feel free to accept and take a walk on the wild side. After all, it offers nothing that could be better than what you already have."

Above is my horoscope for today.

This has been a weird week. First, it’s started out REALLY terrible – I was tired and sore as hell from working the weekend, some of my students that were in my class were spoiled rotten little children that DIDN’T DESERVE to have the HONOR to learn how to ride a motorcycle, GF being out of town, and just a crank in general.

By Wednesday I was cheering up. GF be home soon, week almost over. That night I go out with my friend whose wedding I attended. I hadn’t seen her since we were at the beach. We’re out eating tacos and she tells me my ex is getting married. Yes, I knew that, blah, blah, blah. But, what I didn’t know was she’s planning on moving away after the wedding. That was what surprised me. I thought, "Why should it matter– at least you don’t have to run in to them anymore and have any awkwardness." I guess I shouldn’t be surprised after all. I remember when I was with this person she could never make up her mind and was always unhappy about something.

Why should I be surprised or even bothered by it?

I don’t know – but, it still bugs me. So, that was a weird thing to find out.

Then, last night I met up with a bunch of friends to go dancing and ran into the girl I dated right before GF. In fact, what is VERY strange is while I was going out with this girl her ex was going out with GF. Isn’t that strange? Now, neither of them know that GF and I are seeing each other. This is something that amuses me to no end for some reason.

This week there has been a lot of talk about paths taken – coulda, shoulda, woulda…..

As I looked at this girl in front of me, I had to keep in the forefront of my mind all the arguments we had, her always hanging out with boring straight guys (she even had one with her last night – SURPRISE!) and how every night it was always a party with alcohol, drugs, etc. For a split second I could see myself going back down that path of destruction again. I could picture the arguments already beginning and then as quick as it came it was gone and I breathed in a sigh of relief. Thank Goddess I don’t have to deal with THAT again!

This is what my horoscope was about - only a day late. (which, not very comforting, I know - these things are shaky at best!)

Another weird development this week is that GF emailed me yesterday and said that they were having a really bad rain storm with 100 mph winds where she was in Alaska and that if it didn’t let up by this afternoon today then they wouldn’t be able to get the float planes out. I emailed back and said to stay put until the weather let up – I didn’t want a statistic for a GF. Surely the pilots of these planes know better……yeah, so now I’m worried.

I haven’t even finished my Starbucks yet and already I am having an intense conversation with myself on paths taken, not taken, worrying about float plans and bad weather.

–Sigh –

-at least it’s Friday!


Blogger Kelly said...

Ah, the roads not taken, or taken, as the case may be. The past and the future can be dangerous places to visit. I'm glad you were able to come back to the present moment.

Here's to your Friday looking better!

9:47 AM

Blogger Maggie said...

Hope your Friday is looking up!

I chase my tail on the coulda,woulda, shoulda stuff if given half the chance. LOL

GF will be good. I'm keeping positive thoughts.

3:02 PM

Blogger Claire said...

What a heavy day. I'm keeping my thoughts on that plane and visualizing it returning GF to you safe and sound, ready to shower you with hugs and kisses...and more fish stories bwa ha ha ha! :)

Sorry, there is just no excuse for hanging out with boring straight guys. I don't even hang out with boring straight guys and I am straight, for heaven's sake.

The whole ex factor is a weird one, isn't it? I often will run into an ex and then find myself all moony and nostalgic and unsettled - until, as you did, I remember all the things that drove you NUTS about the person, like how they mixed up your and you're, or wouldn't close the bathroom door, or whathaveyou. But it's weird. When you find out that an ex is moving away, or moving on, or seeing someone still sets off that little, weird twinge. Even when you know logically that you're totally and completely over them. Heart memory, I guess...

Here's to the WEEKEND!

5:53 PM


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