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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Nurturing Central

Thanks for all the support on the previous post. Sometimes I get like that when I am
Pms-ing heavily – and, I was.

Yesterday, after I wrote that post I was sitting in my office looking out the window and realized that it was quite ridiculous to be sitting here, depressed on such a nice day. I peaked around the corner into my boss’s office to see if he was there. I was all set to ask him about a project we were working on in case he was. He wasn’t. He hadn’t been in his office for the last few hours. I then went outside to see if his car was anywhere in the parking lot and couldn’t find it. This was a good sign. So…

I left!

I pulled the car out of the usual spot in front of my office and rolled out of the parking lot in the opposite direction. Once around the corner I stopped the car, put the top down, put on my baseball cap and tore off!

Whoo-hoo! I was out of there! I flew down the highway with no traffic.

I decided to go to the grocery store and pick up a few healthy things. I passed by the beer and wine and went to get my special soy chi tea. I –sigh- got fruit (I don’t know if I can do three days of fruit, Claire) and salad stuff. I made myself put back three quarts of ice cream and replaced with frozen strawberries for protein shakes.

After unloading the groceries I had a hair appointment. Cut it off! And, she did. That felt really good!

I went for a long run with headphones and plenty of water. As I ran I thought when I felt bad in the past the first thing I would do is go to the gas station and buy a pack of cigarettes and Corona Light. Why do I think that ingesting chemicals and a depressant is going to make me feel better? Hmm….something to think about but I will say I was tempted in a bad way. And, no – I’m not becoming some Buddha on the Mountain and say I’m never going to ingest these things ever again. I never say “never”, as a rule.

When I returned from my run I made my favorite meal out of my body for life cookbook. I sat down with dinner and started to watch the first season of

Grey’s Anatomy. I did an abdominal workout while watching the show.

I made tea afterwards and put the electric blanket on the bed.

I went to sleep with the window open and my blanket on low.


Blogger Maggie said...

That sounds like a heavenly day. Glad to see things improved.

10:45 AM

Blogger Kelly said...

Keep nurturing yourself as much as you can stand. You're worth it! :)

6:19 PM

Blogger r.d. said...

Hair cut? you know what's coming next... photo op. Come on, zoe had some balls, now it's your turn. Glad you had some freedom.

7:50 PM

Blogger Trinity2 said...

Yeah, the nurturing is the key - thanks to Afunt for bringing up such a wonderful subject!
Maybe if you email me your email address, r.d. I will send you a pic! >:-]

9:51 AM


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