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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Day 3 and counting…..

Ok, I promise you I will not write an update on not drinking everyday because I know that can get quite boring. However, I just wanted to write that I am still going strong but have come to a few exceptions in my goal. My original 40-day goal is going to become a 38 – day goal with the exceptions of a dear friend’s 40th birthday and me and GF’s 2 -year anniversary – both, very special occasions and both being out of town – overnighters, as well. I have to be realistic, here, and at the same time keep the goal in sight. I am mainly doing this thing to help with my previous workout/diet goals – feeling like I could get to my goal weight a lot easier if I cut out the beer at night. At the time, I originally thought it would be the most challenging to cut out beer and alcohol.

I was wrong.

Today, I had to go out on a job site and was frantically looking for a place to get coffee before I got to my destination. (Meetings always go better with coffee in hand – which, btw I refuse to EVER give up) I found a Dunkin’ Donuts.


This is not good.

Dunkin’ Donuts!! All those darling little donuts (
and, we know how I feel about those) just waiting for me to sink my teeth into them and not to mention the warm, sausage/egg/cheese croissant!


I had to go into the Ladies room and actually look at my stomach and the progress I have made so far in order to talk myself out of that little croissant!

It worked!

I only had coffee.


Blogger r.d. said...

ok, first of all I wouldn't mind reading about no alcohol every day for 40... well 38 days, but whatever. Next Dunkin Donuts is the best coffee out there- I'm all over it. Finally congratulations on giving up the egg, cheese thing, you deserve a beer for that... oops sorry, I'll have one for you- Good luck to you in advance, you'll be fine. I know these things...

8:30 PM

Blogger Claire said...

Woo woo! Way to go. I don't know if I'd have had the fortitude.

Gee, let's see. I had two cups of coffee for breakfast and then my day went crazy so I didn't get a chance to run out for lunch until 2:30 PM, which normally would mean ordering a deep-dish crust meat lover's pizza from pizza hut to the office (affectionately known as the Claire Heartstopper around this office.) Instead, I went to Timmy Ho's and got a turkey bacon club with no mayo and whole wheat bun.

I assumed "combo" meant it came with soup but it actually meant it came with an ice tea and a donut. I figured I'd give the donut to the receptionist, and went back to the office.

Then, just now, I read your post and read the word donut and realized I'd forgotten ALL ABOUT the bavarian favorite...donut that I got at lunch. And then I thought "great! here's an opportunity to start being healthful right now and since you forgot about it anyway..."

But then caved immediately and ate the donut before I even finished reading the end of the post. I practically rubbed the cream filling along my lower lip like a coke addict.

Not a good start, my friend, not a good start. Here's to YOU for being strong.

9:31 PM

Blogger Kelly said...

Congrats for ignoring the siren song of the donuts. They are sneaky little devils.

Hang in there!

10:05 PM

Blogger Elizabeth McClung said...

Wow, iron will, good going. Thankfully there isn't a donut place within 2 miles of where I live - there is however a pizza hut with a lunch pizza special. Arg!

1:52 AM

Blogger Trinity2 said...

Gosh - who would have known the subject of donuts would be so popular? Thank you all for the encouragement but I will tell you -my period is coming soon and then -GAME OVER! UGH!
And, I was telling GF last night that if I make it thru this 38 days and not reach my goal weight then this is b.s. and I'm going back to my evil ways >:-]

8:18 AM

Blogger BETTY said...

Good for you!! I am a weakling when it comes to goodies!! but it's at night that I am bad give me the sweet and salties and it's all over for me! I love things like chocolate covered pretzels.

Good luck on your quest, I think I may try something similiar but I have a question for you, do you have any booze in the fridge and if so how are you ignoring it??

9:39 AM

Blogger Trinity2 said...

Betty - no - I took the last beer over to GF's for safekeeping. Altho, I have a cabinet full of wine that doesn't tempt me like cold beer does - that's my downfall! (and, donuts, pizza, greazy chinese food, mexican food....I could go on....)

9:45 AM

Blogger Mandy said...

Well done! Resisting temptation is hard... especially when you subject yourself to the gateway to temptation: a DONUT SHOP.

I am going to try your method of escaping for a moment, checking on my progress, and then making a decision... I bet you're right: it'll work!

10:29 AM


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