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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Top 10 things that get the hell on my nerves

(Warning: adult content to follow. I only cuss when something gets on my nerves or I am angry but never at work or in front of elders.)

#1 People coughing without putting their hands over their mouth and just keep coughing and coughing and coughing and not DOING anything about it. (“Give up the Camel non-filters and go get a drink of water for key-rist-sakes!”)

#2 People sneezing explosively that scares the shit out of me. (and, keep on sneezing and sneezing. “Go blow your nose for key-rist-sakes!”)

#3 People chewing loudly and/or slapping gums when they eat. (“Keep your damn pie-hole closed when you chew for key-rist-sakes!”)

#4 People (mostly men) shoveling food in and are visibly bent over their plates. I won’t eat with people like that! (“Your mama raised you better!”)

#5 People that put their blinker on to change lanes but NEVER LOOK! (“I’m giving you the chance to get over but you’re NOT LOOKING so you blew your chance!”)

#6 People that have all these little stuffed animals in the back window of their cars and CUT you off in traffic BECAUSE THEY CANNOT SEE OUT THEIR BACK WINDOWS!

#7 Telemarketers and people (especially, trying to push their organized religion) coming to my door to solicit something when I CLEARLY have a sign on it that says “No Solicitors”
(This, however, does not apply to the cute girl that came to my door asking me to join
Human Rights Campaign. “Where do I sign? How much? Who do I make the check out to?” ;-)~

#8 People that stand next to me in a store and talk LOUDLY on their cell phones. (A man in Homo Depot did this while I was trying to check out. The lady had to tell me my total three times before I could hear her and I turned around and told the man if he didn't get the hell away from me with that phone I was going to shove it up his ass! He was very afraid! I think I was pmsing that day, too.....)

#9 Customer Service representatives that try to argue with me. (“You are supposed to be representing, here! The customer is always right for key-rist-sakes!”)

#10 Not being waited on the minute I am seated at a table in a nice restaurant. (“Hello, I am paying good money for you to wait on me and I would like a drink!”)

Agree? Disagree? What are yours?


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