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Monday, July 03, 2006

Home is where we park it!

Ok, I will give the top 10 a rest for awhile – but, stay tuned for the “10 things that make me sick

I had to go pick up gf at the airport this weekend. She was FINALLY coming back from Africa. I showed up at the airport all showered, shaved, pedicured, waxed, combed (see 10 dating etiquettes) ready and waiting for her to get off the plane and get through customs. While I was waiting, I had a chance to people watch in the airport. (This is one of my favorite things to do.) I look like this in the airport:

I was trying so hard not to focus on any fashion faux pas while I stood there waiting but unfortunately I managed to see a girl in Capri sweatpants with hairy legs. Game on! Suddenly, it seemed everyone around me was overweight and dressed loudly, or had their shorts pulled up to their armpits. I felt like I had suddenly landed in REDNECK LAND! I wondered what someone from another country would think upon arriving in Atlanta Hartsfield Airport – which, unbelievably, is an international airport. Would they think they suddenly arrived in the land of overweight, white men in golf shirts with shorts pulled up to their armpits and wearing black socks with their boat shoes? Would they immediately feel left out and run to the nearest Eddie Bauer to buy pleated khaki shorts and golf shirts? As I was contemplating all this gf nearly passed me. This dilemma was immediately forgotten as I gave her a hug and we went to recover her suitcase. After a few kisses (would people also realize that the homosexuals are very open in Atlanta as well and run out to try to get a boy/girl? Too much to think about…) we dragged her bag off the carousel and I was told, “Not to touch anything because it could be contaminated with Africa”. Eeeech! Ok, I wasn’t vaccinated for any of that Africa stuff so I have no problem not touching anything. Do I need to put down the tarp in the Explorer?

Once home, gf was coherent enough (which was surprising after traveling the last 25 hours) for me to grill us some turkey burgers and make a salad. She was so tired of not being able to eat well there. They couldn’t eat any produce because it was washed in their water and they didn’t want to get sick. She said she ate rice and curry with weird looking pieces of chicken (which she suspected was really goat) in it the whole time. Said she never wanted to see another curry dish as long as she lived! She also has a very nasty bite on her arm that I want her to keep an eye on and threatened to take her to the hospital if it didn't look better TODAY. >:-{ Other than that, she is no worse for wear from her African trip and I am glad to have her home!


Blogger r.d. said...

Airports are full of bad fashion. Lots of 'sweats' on airplanes... Anyway, I'm glad she's home safe and sound- enjoy!

12:29 PM

Blogger Maggie said...

Ever since I was a kid, Atlanta's airport has been the weirdest one to fly into. Every summer, I'd fly down to visit the family and every year, my dad would freak out at my phone call telling him all about the weirdos at the airport.

10:46 PM


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