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Friday, July 07, 2006

Top 10 things that make me sick:

#1 The (very) wealthy – This is wealth beyond comprehension. The first time I ever saw wealth in this capacity was when I lived in southern cali for the summer with a gf. Review article on Details magazine “The New American Class System”. I mean, I feel quite comfortable – but after reading this article I feel like I am practically a pan handler compared to all these classes of wealth they list.

#2 When they list the hottest anything (looking person, bartender, job, reality show host, etc..) Why can’t they list the hottest engineering plan reviewer, Barista, Landscaper or SOMEONE THAT DOES A REALISTIC JOB! An everyday person that people could relate to....

#3 When they show pics of a white party, memorial day weekend, any gay event of all these good looking people partying and having fun. I think – why is it when I attend these events these people aren’t there? Or, that I missed out on something big..... or, I’m not cool enough....or, am I getting old......

#4 The L Word (plan to see quite a bit of future ranting on THIS show, believe me) ok some (notice I said
some) of these girls aren’t HALF as good looking and talented as some of the chicks I know AND THEY ARE ON TV AND MAKING LOTS OF MONEY!

#5 The Apprentice – like above, THESE PEOPLE AREN’T HALF AS TALENTED as people I know AND THEY ARE ON TV!

#6 Someone who passes me on either
this or in that on the highway.

#7 When I read articles in
Architecture Magazine on touring some Hollywood type’s home that has the infinity pool that overlooks some ocean, custom kitchen and the 10 bathrooms with the garden tubs and marble showers. Especially, when they interview [said Hollywood type] and they say “This house was just a mess when I bought it – I had to [like they did it themselves] rip out most of the (pool, kitchen, bathrooms, garden house, driveway, botanical garden) and redo it!” Or “Yes, this house really. suits. me. It feels like. a. home.” OF COURSE IT DOES! YOU ARE RICH AND YOU LIVE IN A MANSION!

#8 Anyone who says they made millions in the “dot com” market and then “got out” and are now "just trying to find themselves".

#9 People that have a body like this

and gush "Oh,! I eat whatever I want, never work out and never gain an ounce!" (I truely hate them)

#10 Blogs like

Happy Friday everyone! What's your top ten?


Blogger r.d. said...

For starters I got this: little kids who look like JonBenet Ramsey... I hate those pageants! I'll continue with nine more on my blog. I don't want to clog up your comment area with my own ranting...

6:48 PM

Blogger Claire said...

I think those women are lying.

I think it's just too socially awkward to say,

"Well, actually, I have to throw up a LOT just to stay looking like this. I live on a carefully regimented diet of cocaine and lettuce, and aside from the occasional random fainting spells, it's not half bad."

Yup, it's way more fun (and appealing) to claim that you're a freak of nature.

8:43 PM

Blogger Kelly said...

Okay, T2, I had to think about this a lot. There were a few ways I could have gone but I decided to just combine things that make me sick literally and figuratively. Here goes:

1. People who refuse to blow their noses and instead just keep inhaling and snorting. Eeewwww!

2. Curry. Prom 1982, San Francisco, CA and one of the first dinners with a woman I moved 3,000 miles to be with, 1996, Northampton, MA. 14 years apart. Same result.

3. Riding in the back seat of a car on a long, winding road. Pass the dramamine, please.

4. Barbara Bush's comment about the Hurricane Katrina survivors in the Astrodome being "better off" or words to that effect.

5. "Religious" folks who blame tragedies like earthquakes, hurricanes, 9-11 on gays and lesbians or anyone not like them.

6. "Reality" T.V.

7. Sitting down in a movie theater only to be subjected to commercials.

8. Animal cruelty.

9. Allowing myself to believe, even for a moment, that I've wasted my life so far or that I'm too old to do something.

10. And to finish on a lighter note, when a winner of an award declares that "it's an honor just to be nominated". Who are you kidding? Winning feels good!

1:19 AM

Blogger Maggie said...

#2 - I got two people for the hottest plans reviewer, one for the traffic safety flaggers...LOL
#9 - just have a f*ckin' Ho-Ho and shut up.

#4 - You've just crushed my mother! LOL

11:20 PM

Blogger Elizabeth McClung said...

Actually with number 9 - I just stop at the "I hate women with bodies like this" - I'm petty and it's not pretty but so far the whole jealously/envy thing is working for me.

I have also noticed that while photo's for Diana shore and the White Party show women who are fantasic and predominately femme - When I went to the Swansea Christmas dance it was 200 butches in black t-shirts and us. I thought I was at a James Dean convention. Diversity?

8:09 PM


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