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Friday, July 14, 2006

The Weekend

I’m with Mandy – TGIFF! I have nothing new today – no top 10 inspirations, no budding secrets worth revealing. It’s just a Friday afternoon and I am chomping at the bit to get out of here [work].

Gf is off to NY for a conference and I am on my own this weekend, which, I must add “whew” a little relieved. We’ve been up each other’s
since she got back from Africa, and then, last weekend I had a party and the floor is still sticky from the margaritas [at least I hope so]. So, I will be mopping up and vegg-ing out this weekend.

List of weekend things: (you know I’m good at lists)

1. Drive-in tonight with my three best friends (toads – more on that later)

2. (Depending on whether or not we make the 2nd movie tonight )Spin class on Sat. morning at the gym.

3. I have two movies in my cache to watch: Elizabethtown and Motorcycle Diaries (although, I probably will wait for Gf to return before I watch that one)

4. Working on a quantity take off planting plan for work – logging in about 6 hours to save back for friend’s wedding that I will need time off for.

5. Maybe if I am really on the ball I will get in a body pump class as well. (but, that’s pushing it)

Have a good one everybody!!


Blogger Kelly said...

I'm just amazed that drive-ins still exist somewhere. There may be one left in the Bay Area, but that may be gone as well.

What was the first movie you saw at a drive-in? Mine was a Bruce Lee double-feature when I was like 9 years old: "Enter the Dragon" and "The Chinese Connection". (Yes, it was 1974 and the kung fu craze was on.)

6:13 PM

Blogger Claire said...

Elizabethtown - kind of funny.

One part involving a kid's movie - HILARIOUS. I wouldn't watch the movie again but I'll happily watch that part over and over and over.

I like things that blow up, though. :)

Have a great meekend!!

7:39 PM

Blogger Trinity2 said...

I can't really remember what my first drive-in movie was - all I can remember is the cartoons at the beginning and swinging on the swingset in front with the other kids.
Wow - this drive-in movie was an experience! Stay tuned for the next post of 10 top things you DON'T do at the drive-in or something to that effect!

8:58 AM

Blogger r.d. said...

If I remember correctly Elizabethtown was ok, not great, just ok. It seemed like it really could have been good but something was off... but I can't remember what. Oh well, enjoy your alone time this weekend.

2:55 PM


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